Integrate your existing CI/CD pipelines with mobile capabilities using Appflow.

Common CI/CD solutions aren’t optimized for mobile application development. Learn how to easily integrate Appflow with your existing CI/CD platform including Azure DevOps, Gitlab, Jenkins, and more.

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Continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) helps businesses deliver value to customers faster than ever before. But enabling CI/CD for mobile is easier said than done. Read this white paper to understand how to:

  • Overcome the challenges of mobile CI/CD
  • Set up consistent, repeatable mobile build environments in just a few clicks with Appflow
  • Integrate Live Updates, iOS and Android Native Builds, and App Store Publishing with your existing CI/CD system




The Benefits

How to integrate your existing pipeline with Appflow.

Use this guide to understand the unique challenges of setting up a mobile CI/CD pipeline that most traditional CI/CD services do not handle.

Discover why adopting one or more Appflow features into your own CI/CD pipelines will save your DevOps and engineering teams time and resources.

Learn how to utilize your existing traditional CI/CD tools for all of your DevOps orchestration while still receiving all of the benefits of Appflow’s features.

Uncover common use cases for each Appflow feature: Live Updates, Native Builds, and App Store Publishing.

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