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Setting up a CI/CD pipeline for mobile is no simple task. Learn how Appflow makes it easy to automate mobile app delivery and get up and running in minutes.

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Continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) helps teams ship faster, more often, and with fewer bugs. But enabling CI/CD for mobile is easier said than done. Read this white paper to understand:

  • The benefits of continuous integration and delivery for mobile apps
  • The challenges of mobile CI/CD and its impact on app delivery
  • An introduction to Appflow, a mobile CI/CD solution by Ionic
  • The difference between Appflow vs. General CI/CD tools




The Benefits

How to tackle mobile CI/CD with Appflow.

Use this guide to understand the unique challenges of setting up a mobile CI/CD pipeline, from app publishing to build infrastructure.

Learn about the importance of shipping faster and more often, and how to solve the problems of supply and demand in mobile app development.

Identify the holes left behind by general purpose CI/CD tools, and learn how Appflow, a robust tool designed to support these tasks and more, fills them. 

Understand the success rate for using general-purpose CI/CD tools like Azure DevOps, GitHub Actions, and Jenkins alongside Appflow.

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