The state of mobile app development in 2020.

We surveyed over 1,700 developers, architects, and IT leaders to see what's working and what's not.

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If you're charged with driving the app development strategy for your business, this report is for you.

The report covers:

  • Top development challenges in 2020
  • Who’s building apps & why
  • How many, how fast, how frequent
  • Most popular tools & approaches

The Benefits

Learn what’s working & what’s not.

Use this report to see which tools and approaches are generating results, and how you can apply them.

Learn the impact of Progressive Web Apps from teams who have introduced them in the last year.

See how enterprises are facing the global developer shortage and which skills are most popular.

See how teams are using CI/CD to ship faster and dramatically increase release frequency.

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We enable development teams at some of the most innovative companies to deliver award-winning, mission-critical apps.

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